Thursday, May 20, 2010

Movie 'Me' of the month

I've watched "Match Point"...starring by Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers...quite dramatic. I've also watched "The Nanny Diaries".....comedy movie. Also starring by Scarlett Johansson as graduate working in Mr X Family....Scarlett also played in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"...which i've not seen yet.

Hence, I watch trailer "The Song of Sparrows"....directed by Majid of my favourite Iranian director...He also directed in "Children of Heaven"...The story tells about a man name Karim, who works at an Ostrich farm. Unfortunately one day, one of the ostriches escapes because of Karim's mistake and they fire Karim. He finds a new job in Tehran with lots of lots of problems in his personal life. Wish to find the DVD. The actor also won Best Performance in Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

(p/s : Its raining cats and dogs out there..)

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