Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Little Red Riding Hood...Weeeeeeee

the little red riding hood

Have u read this book during childhood. I just love this story.

The story begins with a girl name little red riding hood who lived in a village. She always wore a pretty red cloak and hood made by her mother. All the forest know her well include a wicked old wolf who often watched her and good enough to eat.

little red riding hood and the wolf

One day, her mother asked little red riding hood to bring a basket of bread and fruit to grandmother's house who is not well. Her mother also instructed not to talk to stranger. Here come the wicked old wolf hiding behind the bushes who is listening and plan to eat the little girl.

The little red riding hood walk across the forest while the wolf managed to enter the grandma cottage, frightened her and lock inside the dark room. The wolf wore the grandma's gown and waiting for the girl. The bell rang and the wolf ran to open it. Little red riding hood to see grandma covered with shawl and different voice.

"What a big ears u got?"

"What a big eyes u  have?"

"What a big teeth u have?" asked the little girl

The wolf cried "All the better to eat you"

The girl cried and run out of the cottage while the wolf undressed. The villagers heard the cry and come to help the little girl. The wolf was then killed.

The grandma was brought from the dark room and kissed the little red riding hood. Happy ending :).

little red riding hood new version

What a story mory this morning. Ehehehe. Actually i just bought a red jacket and it make me feel like I'M LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (but there're no hood so it make me LITTLE RED RIDING WITHOUT HOOD...ehehehehe).

I just received a parcel from luvclothez. I'm inheart with the jacket. I have quite a number of jacket/sweater. 

Little Red Riding with a Scarf

Some images from google exclude the seraiputih tagging.

p/s: Can't wait to dress it....weee...wink wink

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