Thursday, March 29, 2012

ME Movie of the Mac 2012

Starring by Mat Damon and Emily Blunt...

I love her accent and acting..

I just bought this DVDs...weeee...cant wait this weekend, most of them starring by my fav actress:
One for the Money (2012) - starring by Katherine Heigl
Young Adult ( 2011)- starring by Charlize Theron
Midnight in Paris (2011) - starring by Rachel McAdams
Confessions of Shopaholic (2009) - starring by Isla Fisher **i lost the 1st DVD and bought the 2nd DVDs
One Day (2011) - starring by Anne Hathaway

Actually all of them are my fav actress..wink wink...

Yang benar,
Tak sabar nak nonton movie baru beli

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